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April Home Maintenance Tasks

Finally, spring has sprung, took long enough this year! There is no better time than spring weather to get focused on home maintenance and cleaning. Here are a few things you can do to protect (and organize) your home.

Check For Damage - Winter can be hard on your home. A quick inspection around your property can reveal some must do home improvement projects! Look for damage to your roof, outdoor window screens and doors. Make note of chipped paint or areas that are in need of general maintenance. Decide what you can do yourself and what will require a (preferably licensed & insured) professional.

Spring Cleaning - Now it’s time to tackle the inside of your home. Start working on clearing out and donating unused items (think tax deduction & helping the vets @!) This could be the perfect time to take inventory of any high value items that need to be documented for your insurance, like guns, artwork, and jewelry. Take photos or make a quick video of those items and store it in a secure (and fire-proof) location. Some insurance companies even provide an app to help you do this.

Organize Your Tax Documents - You probably just finished your taxes in the past few weeks. Were all of your documents easy to locate? Mine definitely were...NOT.

What could make the process even easier next year? Update your filing system or schedule a meeting with your accountant and get prepared now.

Car Maintenance - April is also Car Care Month. If you’ve been putting off an oil change or a tune-up, get it scheduled now. Your car will run better and maintain it’s value longer!

Spruce Up Your Porch - How does your front porch look these days? Could it use a little extra care? Buy a new welcome mat, plant a pot of flowers, and make sure you can easily read your house numbers.

Get Great Homeowners Insurance - The best way to protect your home? Having the right amount of insurance! Let us give you a no-obligation review of your current policy. Call to schedule your appointment today or schedule now at

Christina DeSimone is a licensed insurance agent at the DeSimone Agency in Brooklyn, NY. Call or text her today for a no-obligation quote on your insurance at 718-251-3301.

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