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Top 7 Things To Look For When Buying Insurance

So you’re ready to shop for insurance and are hoping for a great deal. But did you know there are a few things to look for that are much more important than the price? Don’t buy your next policy until you look for these seven things.

#1 - A Top Rated Insurance Company - You want an insurance company that will be around if you have a claim. Don’t choose a company that you’ve never heard of (with a price that seems too good to be true)! If you aren’t familiar with the company your agent is recommending, ask for more information. Find out what they are rated in your state and how long they’ve been around. Make sure to ask your agent of their clients past claim experiences as well!!!

#2 - Choose a LOCAL agency! While all the commercials on TV will tell you to call a 1-800 number for a quote, it’s not a great idea. A local agency gives the same great policies (from the same companies!) but allows you to deal with one person on a regular basis. It’s nice to have a local agent who you can go visit when needed. (Like the DeSimone Agency!)

#3 - Choose an agency that offers a variety of policies. Keeping all your insurance with one agency makes it that MUCH easier when you have a claim. Plus you'll qualify for multiple policy discounts! Find someone who can take care of all your needs in one location.

#4 - After-Hours Support - What if you have storm damage in the middle of the night? Do you want to wait until tomorrow to get assistance? Look for an agency that offers after-hours support! Many local agencies will provide you with 24/7 claim assistance numbers. Make sure to ask for the information and keep it in your cell phone.

#5 - Choose an agency that’s EASY to contact! You don’t want to have to chase your agent down every time you need something. Ask if the agency is available by email, text, and phone while doing your shopping.

#6 - Do they offer annual reviews? They should, and if they don't go elsewhere. Situations change, especially when it comes to insurance! You want an agency that will meet with you to review your policies and make sure you’re protected. Ask about their review procedures and how they make sure there aren’t any gaps in your protection.

#7 - Excellent Customer Service - When it comes down to it, this is the most important! Choose an agency that wants your business and wants to give you the best possible service!

We meet all of the criteria above and would love to work with your family. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote and insurance review! You can even schedule your appointment now at

Christina DeSimone is a licensed insurance agent at the DeSimone Agency in Brooklyn, NY. Call or text her today for a no-obligation quote on your insurance at 718-251-3301.

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