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Why don't you have life insurance?

Life insurance is a touchy subject. No one wants to admit to the fact that one day we might not be around, but it's inevitable. Of course we all hope it's later rather than sooner; unfortunately this isn't always the case and most people aren't prepared because they kept pushing it off for later, for a better time.

We say we don't have the extra money or the extra time to get it done. Later never comes; timing never gets better. And without getting a price how do you know it's too expensive? Or without asking questions, how do you know it's going to be too time consuming? GoFundMe isn't your family's solution for you no longer being around. Now is the time to secure your family's security in the event that you are no longer around; to secure your children's education; to secure your partner paying off the mortgage on your HOME; to make sure they only burden they have to face is losing you, not losing everything else at the same time. ​So having said that, why are you waiting?

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